Visa and MaserCard two card sets

Open and use your card instantly

No 3DS verification, no ADS verification

Multi-scene support, can be used repeatedly

Grouped configuration, efficient operation management

Separate card bin

Favorable product pricing, convenient product experience

Multi-scene support for repeated use

Shared credit model facilitates unified card management for enterprises

Abundant scene supported

Serving multiple industries and scenarios, you can apply online for free

Cross-border e-commerce platform

Amazon, Alibaba, Alilexpress e-commerce platform procurement, pay store rent and other costs

Advertising platform

Facebook, Google and other overseas marketing promotion costs payment

Shipping and logistics costs

Shipping platform fees, logistics and storage costs

Various tools fees

aypal bound consumption, website building system service fee, application market service fee, etc.

Payment for studying abroad

HKD, USD, GBP multi-currency cards to reduce the exchange loss of tuition payment

Product Advantages

Transaction security

International PCI DSS certification

Comprehensive customized risk control configuration

Rich card bin

Multiple card bin to meet the needs of various transaction scenarios

Efficient card opening

Open cards in seconds, open multiple cards at once

Multi-currency cards

USD, HKD, GBP currency cards; meet specific currency payment needs and reduce exchange losses

Multi-scene support

Support multi-scenario and multi-platform consumption

Reliable technology

API docking & service platform card opening

Clear reconciliation

Online multi-card management;

clear online reconciliation of income and expenses

Customer consultation

All-day service on working days to ensure customers use the card without worry

Application Instruction

Use your virtual credit card in a few easy steps and enjoy global payments

Registration and certification

Cell phone number online

registration, online completion of real name certification


Store loan settlement or

customer offline top-up

Virtual card issuance

Choose a one-time or multi-use card and set the currency, payment limit and merchant type for the card


Cardholders can spend at Visa-supported merchants, which can be monitored by companies in real time