Payment and collection solutions for SMEs

Instant account creation,Currency Collecting globally,Taylored currency rate,Compliant settlement,Flexible route for paying


Receive money globally in multiple currencies

One-stop global multi-currency account collection, collect remittances from global buyers, eliminate intermediary bank fees, save remittance costs, and arrive in the account in as little as 1 hour, accelerating the return of merchants' funds


Professional exchange tools

Provide professional foreign exchange products and highly advantageous exchange rates, provide differentiated exchange rate hedging tools for customers with different risk appetites and different needs, and realize the \"personalized customization\" of exchange rate services


Intelligent distribution routing

Covering the global intelligent payment network and the best quality distribution routes, providing merchants with more efficient and low-cost international payment services


Compliance declaration

Security compliance Licensed qualification, sunshine foreign exchange settlement, provide 100% successful entry of compliance declaration, support rapid value-added services, and arrive within 1 hour at the earliest

Diverse business supported

Accurately grasp the pains of the industry and provide targeted services for each merchant

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scene_01 Bags & suitcases
scene_01 Shoes & hats
scene_01 Furnitures
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scene_01 Telecom & wireless
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Products Advantages

We have established cooperation with internationally renowned banks, Customer funds are regulated by national regulators and banks


Support multi-currency and provide global collection capability


Global smart payment network with the best distribution routing;

support for domestic and foreign vendor payments to meet multiple payment needs


Professional exchange and risk

management to reduce business costs


1 master account to easily manage

multi-store funds

Application Instruction

A few simple steps to use E-trade solution, to solve the problems of enterprises doing foreign trade to receive and pay

Register GEP account

Register online with your cell phone number and complete your real name certification online

Apply for a foreign trade collection account

After completing real name certification, apply for a foreign trade collection account online and open a collection account instantly


E-trade accounts can accept payments from all countries in the world except high-risk areas,

and support up to a dozen currencies, with the fastest same-day arrival

Settlement of payment

Support the settlement of funds received to the RMB account in China, and can also be distributed to overseas accounts in other currencies


After completing enterprise certification, log in to GEP - [Foreign Trade Receipts] and click Apply to open.
GEP will remit RMB to your bank account in mainland China after you have made a foreign exchange settlement declaration on your behalf, you don’t need to submit documents to the bank for settlement. When you initiate the settlement payment, select the currency of arrival as [CNY].
If your company needs tax refund, please choose overseas payment and pay in foreign currency to your domestic corporate to-B account, then you can do the tax refund by yourself.
No, you can’t. we require a company as entity to do payments.
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