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Adhering to compliance to make the risk lowest and manageable

Finacial licences

The US MSB+Hong Kong MSO Licences

Funds secured

Audited by multiple renowned international banks and established business partnerships. Independent, compliant storage and management of client funds.
Funds protected by both regulatory agencies and banks in various countries and regions.

Trading safely

All fund operations are carried out strictly in accordance with the instructions of the client No third party can operate on your funds without your authorization and direct instructions GEP's security protection will ensure the authenticity of your authorization, and any abnormal situation will be identified and blocked by us in time

Privacy protected

Your information and privacy are protected by GEP's Privacy & Security Policy We fulfill our responsibilities and obligations in strict accordance with the corresponding terms GEP will never disclose your information to unrelated third parties without your authorization

Company Introduction

GET (Global E-Tech Holding Limited) was founded in 2018 and positioned as a trade finance technology company.
We focus on suppliers and the global trade market, and concentrate on serving the financial needs of manufacturing exports and cross-border e-commerce and cross-border trade.

We have the ability to unleash our advantages in the field of cross-border payment through advanced big data technology and quantitative risk control model, and have built up a complete set of trade and financial infrastructure consisting of international risk control system, international payment system, credit system, real-time exchange rate system, etc. We are cooperating deeply with global e-commerce platforms, logistics enterprises, warehouse enterprises and ERP enterprises in order to provide efficient, reliable and low-cost integrated international trade chain, committed to fostering a more open, connectable and trustworthy international trade business civilization.

March 2019

GEP China & Sigapore Established

August 2018

MSO (HK) Certificated

May 2018

GEP Japan Established

MSB (US) Certificatecd

April 2018

GEP HK Established

March 2018

GEP US Established

February 2018

GET Established

Our Offices

5 Global office locations 100+ countries & regions covered